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All Your Everydays in One Diary

DAYS7 is a simple and beautiful photo diary app which automatically collates your photos by date.
Holiday memories, everyday meals or special recipes, a child-rearing diary or photo collection of your super-cute pet, or perhaps a record of music you've been listening to or what's been going on on your favorite SNS
Organize your everyday memories in an easy and fun way with DAYS7.

Easy Diary

Comment on photos, add over 100 types of cute stamps, and enjoy organizing your memories.
Of course, you can also take note of things that pop into your head or quick reflections too.
DAYS7 is also compatible with App Extension! Simply clip text, URLs or whatever from other apps to easily record in DAYS7!

Take a Trip Around the Places where your Memories were Created

DAYS7 uses location data to link your photos with the places you have been and display them on a map.
Simply synchronize location data from Swarm, Moves or similar to import places where you have checked in and movement paths.

Save to Evernote

Keep a beautiful copy of your important memories in Evernote.
Simply set up the app to automatically export the memories you have collected in DAYS7 to Evernote every time you start the app.

Various apps data support

  • Photos
    Compatible with standard iPhone photos, as well as Dropbox, Flickr, and Instagram.

  • Music
    Display album covers of music that you have listened to on standard music apps.

  • Calendar
    Synchronize with standard calendar apps.

  • SNS
    Import and display Twitter and Facebook posts and photos.

  • Location Information
    Import Swarm check-ins or movement history data from Moves.

  • Save Data
    Able to write to iCloud and Evernote.